Parental Involvement

The research is clear, parents who are involved in their child’s learning and in the life of the school, do better.

At Emmaus we want the best for each of our students and as such we encourage parents to take an interest in their child’s learning and in the happenings here at our school, there are lots of ways to be involved.

  • Parents and Friends Association (P&F)
  • Emmaus School Board
  • Listening to reading in the classroom
  • Running a stall at the Community Fair
  • Cooking & serving BBQ on Sports Day
  • Carols Night BBQ & Cake stall
  • Accompany classes on excursions
  • Cook & serve rice on ‘Bread & Rice Day’
  • Coach a sporting team
  • Assist with classroom activities
  • Quiz Night Committee
  • Assist with make-up/costumes at School Concert
  • Working Bees

And lots MORE!