Useful Forms

Medical Forms

If your child is at risk of anaphylaxis, allergies, asthma or epilepsy - please ensure Emmaus Catholic School has been provided with an updated copy of your child's relevant plan, endorsed by a doctor.

If your child requires staff to administer medication (eg antibiotics, ventolin), please ensure the Medical Agreement for Education and Care form is completed and provided to the school with the medication.

Please note that medication will only be administered by staff when it is presented in the packaging it is supplied in and labelled from the chemist.

Medication Agreement for Education and Care

Asthma Action Plan

Allergic Reaction Plan

Anaphylaxis Plan

Seizure Management Plan

School Card Application

School Card information and eligibility can be found here



Extended Absence

Required for all students who will be absent during school terms for one week or more.

Application for Exemption from School