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Music at Emmaus

Learning a musical instrument offers a variety of benefits to the developing brain that no other skill can and we believe that it is a wonderful opportunity to build strength of character, discipline, creativity and a strong sense of self.  At Emmaus Catholic School we are lucky to be able to offer our students many opportunities to participate in music. Students have 40 mins of music a week in a classroom setting in which they learn to play, sing, compose and appreciate different styles of music. Students also can learn an instrument and/or participate in one of our school’s ensembles.

We currently offer a lessons on a wide range of instruments including:

Flute Clarinet Saxophone Trumpet Trombone
Guitar Bass Guitar Piano Percussion Voice
Ukulele Drums      




Each instrument is taught by an experienced tutor during the school day and lessons are either 20 mins or 30 mins long. If your child would like to apply to learn an instrument at Emmaus, please use the QR Code to complete the nomination form.


The school has three choirs to cater for all age groups, a rock band and a percussion ensemble.

JUNIOR CHOIR – Reception to Year 2 students.

SENIOR VOCAL ENSEMBLE – Year 3- Year 6 students.

CATHOLIC SCHOOLS CHOIR – Year 5 and Year 6 students. This choir performs as part of the Catholic Schools Music Festival at the Festival Theatre in Term 3. It’s a wonderful opportunity for our students to perform with 300 students from other schools. The choir sings a variety of different styles and there are always a few dance moves too.

PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE – All year levels. Our percussion teacher takes our percussion ensemble each week. They learn to play a variety of different percussion instruments and explore ensemble music.

ROCK BAND – Year 3 -Year 6 students.  Our Rock Band is made of students from Years 3-6 who have been learning for at least one year on their chosen instrument. Together, the Rock Band plays a variety of different music and styles.


If your child would like to be part of one of our ensembles, please use the QR code to complete the nomination form.


Percussion Ensemble: Tuesday 8:10am-8:40am

Junior Choir: Wednesday 8:10am -8:40am

Senior Vocal Ensemble: Thursday 8:10am -8:40am

Year 4 Immersion Band: Thursday 1:40pm-2:20pm

Rock Band: Thursday 3:10pm-4:10pm

Festival Choir: Friday 8:10am-9am



This year we are excited to launch our Year 4 Band Immersion Program. 25 of our year 4 students have nominated to learn a band instrument (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone) for a semester and lessons, instrumental hire and band lessons are provided free of charge. We are excited to see our students in action over the next two terms.



Each year we hold concerts and special events so that students can showcase their gifts and talents. These include solo concerts, ensemble concerts and our Carols Night which involves everyone in the school.

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