Indonesian content

At Emmaus Catholic School, we believe that learning a language opens doors to endless opportunities. In our interconnected world, proficiency in languages enriches personal, social, and cultural experiences as well as develops a cultural awareness.

We are proud to offer a dynamic and immersive Indonesian learning experience for students from Reception to Year 6. Our comprehensive curriculum not only equips students with valuable language skills but instills an understanding and  deep appreciation for diverse cultural perspectives. Our learners participate in a rich variety of listening, speaking, reading and writing activities that offer opportunities to develop an understanding of the Indonesian language system and cultural traditions

In the early years, our focus is on developing oral language through engaging activities such as shared reading, storytelling, modelled text creation, songs, and games. We use evidence-based methods like Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) to facilitate language acquisition, ensuring that students grasp high-frequency vocabulary effortlessly.

As students progress through their primary years, they actively participate in classroom activities aimed at honing their oral proficiency and expanding their vocabulary. By creating texts and engaging in conversational exchanges, they continuously deepen their understanding of Indonesian language and culture.

For students eager to further immerse themselves, our 'Indo Club' offers a dynamic platform during break times. Through a range of activities including games, art, music, and dance, students can explore and appreciate the richness of Indonesian culture while forging new friendships across year levels.