Catholic Education South Australia


From an old scholar.

My parents moved my brother and I from a public school to Emmaus when it first opened. Attending Emmaus was my first introduction to Catholic Education. Whilst I was a student I learned a lot about religion, God and caring for others, and I believe that this changed my perception of life. I found the values of Emmaus to be very family orientated, and I felt safe and nurtured as an individual.

My daughter has just started attending Emmaus this year in Reception. She is very shy in nature and struggled a little with going to kindy last year. Since she started at Emmaus I have seen her confidence flourish and I believe that this is because she feels comfortable in her environment and her teachers are incredibly patient and caring. Her reading and writing is improving and she is very happy. Selecting a school for your child is a major decision for a parent, as the experiences that your child gets exposed to will shape a portion of their personality for life.

In my heart I have every confidence that Emmaus Catholic School is the absolute best place for my children to attend, and I am very grateful to have been a past student.

(Trudi, Parent)


Wonderful school

We have found Emmaus Catholic School to be a wonderful school. Although it is small it has all the facilities and more that our children need. The school community is amazing, it feels like an extended family. I see my daughter growing into a well mannered, respectful and well educated young lady. We are so thankful that we have found this school and would highly recommend it to anyone.

(Rachel, Parent)


Caring school

My child is really cared about. I feel really grateful, I love this little school and the people who are in it, thank-you all so much for caring as you all do. 

(Kirsten, Parent)