School Fees

School Fees for 2018

Tuition fees



Sibling Discounts

1st child



2nd child


20% discount (calculated on 1st child fees)

3rd child


20% discount (calculated on 2nd child fees)

4th child or more

No charge

100% discount


ICT levy

$320 per child p.a.

This Levy offsets the costs of providing information and communication technology across all learning areas.


Resource fee

$275 per child p.a.

The Resource Fee covers:

  • Texts (replacement and new class sets)
  • Consumable texts
  • Art & Craft materials
  • Physical education equipment
  • Curriculum and amenities fees (classroom resource materials and photocopying)
  • Class Excursions (excluding school camp & sacramental celebrations


Building levy

$200 per family p.a.

This amount is charged by Archdiocese of Adelaide towards capital funds.


Total fees/levies for 2018

1 child


2 children


3 children


4 children


5 children



Payment of Fees

Our school offers two methods only for paying fees. If you are unable to pay fees by the due date, it is essential that regular payments have commenced for the benefit of both Emmaus and families' financial planning.


Option 1

The payment of fees is made directly to the school office in full for the year within 30 days of the first invoice in term 1.

If the entire annual fees are paid in full by 28th February 2018 there will be a 5% discount available on the Tuition element of the fees.  This is in recognition of the assistance advance payment gives to the school’s cash flow. 

This discount is unavailable for fees which are already receiving discounts other than Sibling Discount.

Number of children








Option 2

Payment of fees may also be arranged by a direct credit to the school account either weekly, fortnightly or monthly and must be set up for fees to be paid in full by 31st December. Forms to set this up are available from the front office. (A direct debit schedule is also attached for your information).



Families in Financial Difficulties (including School Card eligibility)

Families eligible for school card or believing they may be eligible are asked to contact the School Office to check on the criteria or you may wish to visit the website at .

If you are eligible for school card we also offer you, in addition to school card, a fee remission of 40% on your Tuition fees.


The school will also receive enrolments from families who do not qualify for any government assistance and who may have difficulty in meeting the payment of the fees.  Fees are arranged in consultation prior to enrolling their children and all discussions and arrangements are in the strictest confidence.